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Shantel Elizabeth


Spring time is here and it's time to pull out the tee shirts again.  But gone are the days of wearing tee shirts the boring way, and feeling under-dressed if you want to rock one.  Tee shirts can be customized in so many different ways, to bring out the best looks, and to match your unique personality.  And ButterFlyy tees can help give you that pop that you want to compliment whatever ootd (outfit of the day) you choose to wear.

Here are four ways to rock a ButterFlyy tee:

​1)  With embroidered jeans

​Embroidered jeans can have roses, initials, or anything else that you choose.  You can find them at your local store, or choose to "DIY" them.  

​2)  With a dope blazer

Blazers are not just for old people, and not just for stuffy job interviews. Though you can definitely put a casual spin on business attire with a tee, in the right way, blazers can be worn to add some flare to your outfit, and provide layers for flexibility.

​3) With a skirt (with or without straps or braces)

Skirts can be a great fit with a tee, whether it's a jean skirt, a flannel skirt, or anything in between.  It can be a great balance of casual and dressy, and create a completely new look.

​4)  With a smile

ButterFlyy By Shantel Elizabeth is all about empowerment and positivity. One of the greatest accessories that can be worn with a ButterFlyy tee is a smile.  You never know who you may pass that might need the extra boost that your smile can give.

To start rockin your ButterFlyy tee in your own unique way, visit the ButterFlyy "SHOP" and order yours!

Author:  Shantel Elizabeth