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​​A ButterFlyy Interview with Kid Chef Eliana
By:  Shantel Elizabeth​​

​​​​ButterFlyy: ​What is your first memory/feeling of wanting to be a chef?

Kid Chef Eliana:  I started cooking when I was 4.  Some of my fondest memories are of a little step stool I would stand on.  I would help my mom stir a pot, and other things in the kitchen.  She has a picture of me with an apron and chef hat on.  I would always say, “Mom, I really want to be a chef!”

ButterFlyy:  What is it like being a teen chef in a world/career full of adults?

Kid Chef Eliana:  I think it’s really cool to be a teen chef.  You can show that teens can do anything they want.  I show adults that we can do anything and everything, as long as we put our mind to it.  I can inspire other kids to do what they want.

ButterFlyy:  How do you juggle your career, school, and still being a kid?

Kid Chef Eliana:  I’ve always been able to just juggle it.  School is very important to me.  My school is very supportive of me if there is something that comes up and I have to miss school.  It’s cool that I have a school that supports me in that way.  I get to go to school, do appearances, still be a kid, and do all the things kids do.

 ButterFlyy:  Let's say you were stranded on an island.  What 5 food items would you want to have with you?

Kid Chef Eliana:  Salt.  I love salt!  I have a whole salt shelf.  I love garlic.  I feel like you can never go wrong with garlic.  Onion.  Also, I think tortillas.  If I were on a deserted island, I would go fishing and make fish tacos.  Cumin would be the last one.  It’s like my secret ingredient.  It adds so much flavor and is so good.

ButterFlyy:  If you made a rap song about food, what would it be titled?

Kid Chef Eliana: “Guilty Pleasure.”  It would be about all my guilty pleasure foods…  those times when I do eat unhealthy foods.  It’s funny because I actually sing a song before all of my live cooking demonstrations.  People really get into it and love it.

ButterFlyy:  Think about any one person in history (an iconic historic figure) that you would want to prepare a meal for.  Who would that be and why?

Kid Chef Eliana:  I love Julia Childs and she paved the way in the culinary world for women and everyone in the industry.  Also, when I saw the movie Hidden Figures, I fell in love with Katherine Johnson.  So, it would probably be one of those two women.

ButterFlyy:  The motto of ButterFlyy By Shantel Elizabeth is "Give Yourself Permission to Flyy," which basically means allowing yourself to accomplish your goals and live your dreams, and not feeling like you have to get permission from other people to be your best self.  How do you 'give yourself permission to flyy'?

Kid Chef Eliana:  I get support from my family, friends, community and school.  I do what I love and what’s best for me.  If I love something, I’m going to do it and work hard for it.  Some people might say, “You’re too young.”  I’m not going to let anyone stop me.  I’m going to go for it, no matter how much work it takes.  I’d rather work harder for myself and do what I can, to be my best self, and pursue my goals.

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