​​​​ButterFlyy:  You were born Samantha Aragon, but in the fashion world, you're known as Lil Fresh Sam.  Your vibe and your work is definitely "fresh" but what would you say is the meaning behind your fashion name?

Lil Fresh Sam:  I got the name “LilFreshSam” in high school.  I had a music production class and my friends in it would always call me by that. It caught on years later when someone else randomly called me by the name.  It just stuck from there on.

ButterFlyy:  You are a Colorado/Denver native.  Does that have any significance to you, and in particular to your success in the fashion industry?

Lil Fresh Sam:  I love my city but it isn’t really a fashionable state so it’s hard sometimes to find inspiration here but I do love the clarity and focus I have when I’m here. 

ButterFlyy:  What were you like in high school?  And looking back, what would you now tell the teen high school girl you used to be?

Lil Fresh Sam:  I was always known for my style. I was friends with every click in school, and loved making friends. I was nominated for homecoming queen my freshman year. 

I’d tell my old self to start working on my dream NOW. Not waiting until after I graduated high school. 

ButterFlyy:  What/Who inspires you and your fashion?

Lil Fresh Sam:  Beautiful things. Colors. Intricacy. My family. The Detail in the World God Created.

ButterFlyy:  What is one song that you have/would have on your motivation playlist?

Lil Fresh Sam:  Im A Go Getta by Lil’ Wayne.


ButterFlyy:  If when we finish this interview, you find $10 million, and it can be claimed, what would you do with the money in contribution to fashion?

Lil Fresh Sam:  I would build my store on Melrose, start my non- profit to give kids tools and resources to do what they love. Outside of fashion, I’d retire my family so they can do what they love.

ButterFlyy:  The motto of ButterFlyy By Shantel Elizabeth is "Give Yourself Permission to Flyy," which basically means allowing yourself to accomplish your goals and live your dreams, and not feeling like you have to get permission from other people to be your best self.  How do you 'give yourself permission to flyy'?

Lil Fresh Sam:  I 'give myself permission to flyy' by waking up everyday and living my dreams, as well as inspiring others to do the same. ​

To find out more about Lil Fresh Sam, visit her website at:  www.lilfreshsam.com

Also, check out her Social Media at:

Twitter:  @LilFreshSam

​Instagram:  @lilfreshsam

A ButterFlyy Interview with Lil Fresh Sam
By:  Shantel Elizabeth​​

Shantel Elizabeth


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