Shantel Elizabeth

A ButterFlyy Interview with N'Lyss

​By:  Shantel Elizabeth

ButterFlyy:  The world now knows you as the R&B girl group N'Lyss.  How did the group first get together, and how did you come up with such a unique name for the group?

Tay:  Sydney and I were in a previous group and we held auditions and selected Ari.  Our manager, Antione, came up with the "Never Let Your Success Stop," because we have had so many setbacks, he wanted us to never give up on any of our goals and understand that things happen, but life goes on.

ButterFlyy:  You girls are still young teens in school, but also accomplishing your dreams of being singers.  How do you balance everything, while keeping school a priority?

Tay:  It is very difficult, however, education is very important, so we know we don't have an option.

ButterFlyy:  Some people like to say that females can't get along.  As a female group, how important is it to you to have a positive bond with each other, as well as a positive image?  What is one thing you appreciate about the other group members?

Syd:  We are all like sisters and get along just like any other sisters would.  I appreciate a lot about them and love them equally.

ButterFlyy:  N'Lyss has been spotted doing some very positive things in your community.  What are some of the things you all have been involved with in the past/are currently involved with to help uplift and empower the community?  

Syd:  We attended a blanket drive for Christmas, Hosea Feed The Hungry event, and performed at a domestic violence event.

ButterFlyy:  What is one thing you're looking forward to doing in 2016?

Ari:  I am looking and hoping to be on tour.

ButterFlyy:  Some of your fans may have dreams of becoming singers like all of you;  what advice would you give them in pursuing that, or whatever goal they want to accomplish?

Ari:  I want you guys to know that anything is possible if you put your mind to it!  Never give up and keep striving for success.  The harder you work, the more success you'll have.


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