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Shantel Elizabeth


Party for one, anybody?...Anybody?

Yes, when I say party for one, I do mean ONE - YOU!  We live in a time where solitude is under-rated, and anybody caught spending time by themselves better have a good excuse, and a clique waiting close by.  Bump that!  How are you ever going to know who you truly are, and love yourself enough to enjoy your own company, if you always have to be validated by the presence of other people?

Having a party for one is not about completely dis-engaging from your friends, family, and the rest of society.  It's about embracing who you are, and developing a healthy relationship with yourself, in order to have a healthy relationship with others.  And if you want to do that by throwing yourself an actual party, with balloons, presents, and all, go for it.  But there are lots of other ways to celebrate your time with you.

Party For One Activities:

- A walk in the park

- Breakfast, lunch, or dinner date

- Movie night

- Getting lost in a book

Try one of these activities or come up with your own.  The point is to spend time getting to know yourself, appreciating yourself, and realizing that you can be your own great company.