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Shantel Elizabeth


1.  Choose the right squad

The people you choose to spend your time with, especially when it comes to school and academics is very important.  Stay clear of negativity and haters.  Surround yourself with a squad that has positive goals and future endeavors.

2.  Put together a dope empowerment playlist for homework/study sessions

Find songs that will help motivate you to keep going and stay focused.  If you aren't the type to get distracted by music when you study, crank it up and grind.  If music while you're working bothers you, use the playlist for your break times, to keep you hyped up.

3.  Step Your Game Up

With the new school year comes new chances to make a fresh start.  You may not have done your best academically last school year, but take this as a chance to change your ways.  If you have been doing your best, keep going.  Focus on doing your most quality work, producing the best grades, and most importantly, gaining new insight and knowledge that is relevant to improving your life.

4.  Get an "academic swagg partner"

Find and link up with someone that is as focused as you are in getting your academic swagg up.  You and that person should hold yourselves and each other accountable for your success.  When the going gets tough, encourage and build each other up, until you reach your goals.