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Shantel Elizabeth


It's election season.  Not only is it the U.S. Presidential election season, but it's the first time we have a woman as a candidate for the Presidency.  That means this election is history being made right before our eyes.

It's true that as a teen girl, you may be too young to vote/run in many local/national political elections, but there are so many other ways to vote, be involved, and get your voice heard.

School elections are also in season, whether it be for homecoming royalty, or even more important, school leadership positions.  Even some of our favorite teen girl starlets, like Riley Burruss, are running for office, to lead their school.  Riley has been spotted posting about and being endorsed by famous rappers, like Future, who support Riley in her candidacy for Vice President of her school student body.

Rates, TBH, and Likes, are seen everywhere in the teen girl social media world.  Finding a way to use them for more than just popularity on social media - and instead using these ideas for voting that really matters - that's flyy.

Make this election season your time to be a part of something positive and purposeful.  Get involved in your school student body and vote!

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